Curvenote Docs

Creating Scientific Websites

Curvenote allows you to easily publish content on the web as a fast, optimized site that preserves all interactive features in Curvenote, deployed on our hosting service called and can also be hosted on your own custom domain.

There are two ways to get started:

#Example Websites using Curvenote

Curvenote is being used to create all sorts of content:

  • Blogs & technical websites
  • Papers & reports
  • Seminar & conference websites
  • Courses & books
  • Sharing Jupyter Notebooks

#Screenshots of Curvenote websites

Figure 1:Transform 2022 used Curvenote to create a conference website.

Figure 2:A PhD thesis by Rowan Cockett using Curvenote!

Figure 3:Interactive notebooks in a blog by Steve Purves.

Figure 4:A 250 page report for the EU on soil management and climate change.