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Curvenote CLI

curvenote is a command line interface (CLI) that provides modern tooling for technical writing and reproducible science. Our mission is to help in transitioning scientific communication out of static documents and promote more connections between how researchers work, and how they share that work.

Critical to that mission is providing tools that:

  1. are accessible to programmers and non-programmers alike;
  2. allow creation of interactive, computationally driven online documents;
  3. allow you to reuse components of documents across various resources; and
  4. export to traditional formats, like PDF, PPT and Word to support your existing workflows.

The CLI and all dependencies made by Curvenote are open-source (MIT License) and we contribute to upstream projects where we can (e.g. our founders are members of Executable Books). The Curvenote CLI provides local content transformations, with an early focus on providing 100s of LaTeX templates for various scientific journals. The library also provides a connection to sync your local documents with to aid in collaborative writing, especially in bridging the gap between those who can use Markdown, Git, and a Shell and those of us who are not programmers. We think this is especially important for writing workflows, where the collaboration and communication process is often quite different than a Git-driven approach.

Figure 1:Get started with a curvenote init to quickly see your content rendered.

#Features of the Curvenote CLI

#Open Source

The CLI is Open Source (MIT License) and can be found on GitHub. We welcome contributions and issues from anyone looking to improve scientific communication!